Utilizing the power of chocolate at the most opportune moments in life.
Taken at key times it can unlock a power within us
To take on and seize almost any moment
Of any day.

Monday, November 17, 2008

It's A Girl
Today was the big day. I was truly excited to find out the sex of our upcoming "bundle of joy" and to see the miracle that is happening inside of me! I have been feeling the movements of the baby everyday now for a week or so and I am ready to identify even more with this little one by assigning (her) a name. We had previously picked out a boy's and a girl's name for our first child and had planned to use the boy's name for this child, if appropriate, but we had not identified another girl's name. So now the name search has begun. We are open for suggestions.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

For The Seasons

I have always enjoyed decorating but it is much more fun now that I have a child of my own. Yesterday we started on our Thanksgiving decorations. I saw several craft ideas online for turkey's and I decided to make some of my own (with inspiration from the others I found online). I really like the way they came out and Elizabeth loves to get her hands traced so she had a great time too!

We also had fun decorating for Halloween this year. Elizabeth and I did some arts and crafts, I brought out some of my old decorations, and we had a great time with our new window cling stickers.

We decided not to carve the pumpkin this year, but we will be making yummy pumpkin muffins and cookies real soon!

There are yummy candy corn in the little pumpkin. I am not really into candy (of course chocolate is not in this category at all!) but I do like my candy corn once a year.

Old Decorations - a Funkin pumpkin and, my favorite, my mothers' ceramic pumpkin - it lights up too!

These window clings are great. They came in a big pack that includes Halloween, Valentines Day, and Christmas themed clings. I am looking forward to December for the next batch! The really good news is they were only $5 at www.lakeside.com

Inside and Outside arts and crafts and more
window clings.
"Who's that in the window?"

We also had a great time coloring with chalk on the front side walk.