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Thursday, September 24, 2009


Atlanta, Georgia
As a family we are determined to take a vacation at least once a year. This year we decided to explore some of the attractions in and around Atlanta.

Our First Stop

We visited Uncle Steve and "Grandma" Cape!

"Happy" Elizabeth with Uncle Steve all to herself.

"Happy" Rachel - still willing to share!

A special thanks "Grandma" Cape!

What a nice visit!

Stone Mountain
It Rained!! Hoping it would pass we spent an hour in the museum. Fun, but not really what we planned on.

In between rain drops we decided to hike up about half the mountain. It started raining harder and we abandoned the hike. Enough fun to want to return and try again some other day!

We then drove around the park and looked at most of the sites from the car. We did stop (between rain drops) at, according to the brochure, a "Top Notch" playground - and it was!

Daddy and Elizabeth ventured it on their own. And sadly, they really were on their own - no friends on the playground today.

Did I mention the Rain!

The Atlanta Zoo
Off season and everything was wet from all the rain, but we had a great time at the zoo. We even stayed mostly dry with just some misting of rain throughout the day.

Petting Zoo Fun.

Getting a closer look!

There were a lot of Gorillas to see and even one to touch.

The Atlanta Aquarium
Lots to see and lots of people!

Grandma & Grandpa
Joining us in Atlanta and making the trip extra special!

Thanks for everything Grandma and Grandpa!!