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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Preparing My Family For General Conference

I am looking forward to General Conference next weekend.   First I am working towards being spiritually, mentally, and physically prepared myself.  I am also looking forward to getting together all my preparations for my family.  The girls require lots of activities and attention getters so I do my best to plan ahead.  Here are some of my plans:
We set up tents in the living room facing the television.  We used sheets and blankets last April:
Last October and this coming weekend I plan to use these:
General Conference Treasure Box

This activity will help to catch their attention when there is a new speaker.  It will also help them to learn to recognize the apostles and their names.  And they get special fun treasures!
Print out the apostles pictures and names and paste 1 on each side of the box (2 per box).  When one of the apostles speaks they find the box with his name and picture and enjoy the treasure inside the box:
I have a little candy, bubbles, stickers, and other things the girls will enjoy.

Print Treasure Chest picture here.  Print apostle pictures here or  here

Conference Squares Matching
I love the conference squares.  For my girls I like to make stickers out of them and use it as a matching game:

On the last Sunday session we enjoy pampering each other with hand massages and hair brushing. Check out last April's pampering here.

Coloring and Other Activities
LDS.org has some coloring pages here and some other activities for children here.

One of my favorite resource sites is Sugardoodle.  They have some great ideas for General Conference here. Check out the General Conference notebook at Sugardoodle for older kids.

You can get the April 2012 General Conference packets for Primary age children here and for younger children here.

For More Information About General Conference go here.  Happy General Conference!

Friday, March 9, 2012


Since I was a very young child I remember feeling like I did not really belong here, that I was never really going to feel at home here ~ on earth.  When I was 16 years old my family was introduced to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  For the first time in my life I had tasted the warm and comforting feeling of being home, of truly belonging, not specifically in the church but inside of myself~ my spirit.  I suddenly felt a sense of self-worth that I had never before experienced.   Although this feeling only presents itself in moments of time it was, and still is, a source of motivation for me, to press on, to not give up, to have faith that I will someday feel at home all of the time.