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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Help! I Can't Stop Micromanaging My Family (Free chart included in this post!)

I really do have a problem.  I micro manage everyone in my family.  I quite frequently complain to my family that "I don't like micromanaging everything" and that "It drives me crazy!".  There must be a payoff or I would stop doing it right?  I could step outside myself right now and use my social work degree to explore all the theoretical possibilities (after all it was quite an investment), but "who has time for that?" I have another chart to make!

Actually this next chart was brainstormed as a result of a particular micromanaging frustration ~ The Morning Routine.  I was becoming more and more annoyed and frustrated with the constant and repetitive "need" to instruct my two daughters on the steps required to sufficiently get ready for the day.  So I decided to let a chart do (or at least assist in) the micromanaging.
(*See below for instructions on making this chart).
So the charts (one for each of them) went up last week.  It has greatly reduced the need for me to provide constant step by step instructions for the girls as they get ready for the day.  I do however, still have to remind them to check "the chart" and to ask if they have completed "the chart" but it has resulted in a lot less irritation and frustration on my part.  As a bonus the girls like charts and are actually excited to flip over their check marks.

*To Print My Chart: 

*To Print My Check Marks

*To Create Your Own:  Create a chart document.  Use free clip art for "to do" items.  Print out check marks- two different colors.  Cut out and secure two different colored check marks together (so when they flip it over after completing a task the check mark is in a different color and you are ready for the next day). Additional supplies: (1) sheet protector and Velcro Stripping (I found it cheap at Dollar General).  Cut small strips of Velcro onto both sides of the check marks and on the sheet protector.