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Friday, August 21, 2009

Arts & Crafts
I love to find ways to use my creative side and it is a bonus to expose my children to arts and crafts. Three to four times a week Elizabeth and I had "Arts and Crafts Time." We both looked forward to these mostly fun times together (I must admit that my slight perfectionism occasionally got in the way). We usually had music and dancing one day a week. We play music every day, but this was an intense hour of music and dancing. We also had a day where we worked with play dough. Occasionally we would bake a yummy treat. Here are some other things we did this summer: *Check out the "HOT TIP" at the end of this post!


Supplies: Glue (optional), buttons, paper. We did not actually glue ours so we were able to continue playing with the buttons over and over.

Elizabeth creating a masterpiece.

She never quite finishes hers but my final composition is on the right.


Supplies: Sand, glue, paper.
What To Do: Trace hands, cut them out, trace again on another piece of paper. (We had to do it as a two step process because Elizabeth does not sit very still yet and I wanted the pencil markings to be straight - again my perfectionism). Outline the tracing with clue and then spread glue all over the inside of the tracing. Sprinkle sand on paper.

Elizabeth's hands in sand!


Supplies: Pasta, glue, paper.


Supplies: Glitter, glue, paper

PAINTING (finger, water colors, paint)

We do a lot of painting and these make great wrapping paper, cards, & gift tags. The grandparents especially love it!!