Utilizing the power of chocolate at the most opportune moments in life.
Taken at key times it can unlock a power within us
To take on and seize almost any moment
Of any day.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Random Thoughts, Theories, and Realizations

Over the past four decades I have learned a few things and I have come to realize a few things that have brought some necessary clarity into my life.  I also have quite a few theories that I am continuing to test for accuracy.  It's time I wrote a few of these things down before I forget and have to relearn this stuff all over again!

* Just like you do not have to buy everything you lay eyes on in the store, you do not have to own every thought you have.

*  If you think you are self-actualized than you have not had any major challenges to overcome lately.

* Carrying, birthing and raising children brings out the best and the worst in us.

* When you get a gift, send a thank you note.  If more time has passed than you would have liked, send it anyway.

*  Be slow to judge others and give people the benefit of the doubt.  Everyone deals with stress and life's difficulties differently and you never know if someone is currently suffering or has yet to overcome a serious pain or loss. 

* Pray.

* Yelling to get your point across is disrespectful to others and to yourself.  Furthermore, once you start it becomes a difficult habit to break.

*  Best housekeeping tip ever:  10 minute room rescues (cleaning up a room) twice a day and one 10 minute house rescue in the evening (total 30 minutes of cleanup).  Don't forget to get everyone who is home involved in the rescue.