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Monday, October 5, 2009

General Conference Weekend

Spiritually Nourished, Physically Fed and Pampered

In preparation for General Conference we planned a meal and invited some friends to join us for Saturday's first session. I also found a resource from a great blog and we planned on some awesome pamperings!

Our friends came over and we enjoyed some yummy snacks - homemade grilled pita with a homemade roasted pepper sauce, homemade ChexMix, popcorn, and grapes! The kids all played nicely and we enjoyed the first session of conference. After the session the kids played outside and we prepared the final touches to the Gyros with Baklava for dessert. Yummy!!

Alone as a family for Saturday's second session, we made a tent/fort/castle facing the television where Elizabeth could watch conference. I placed a picnic cloth on the floor and she enjoyed her yummy snacks. The inside walls of the fort were made of cardboard so she could color on them.

As for the pamperings, I received a pedicure thanks to my amazing husband! And we enjoyed watching conference together!

I pulled out the pictures of the general authorities I found from the blog resource and identified each one for Elizabeth. I was excited to know that Elizabeth already knew who the prophet was and knew his name. I then encouraged Elizabeth to look for the apostle on the papers with each new speaker.

We then all settled on the couch and pampered each other with cocoa butter massages. First Elizabeth and I each took one of Daddy's hands and gave him a massage. Then it was Elizabeth's turn. She wanted a hand massage and then asked for a foot massage (she takes after her mother with this). Then mommy got a foot massage. We all got pampered and we were able to relax and enjoy conference together as a family. It was great!

By preparing for General Conference ahead of time and by finding ways to serve one another, we hope to teach our children to look forward to the next General Conference. I am really looking forward to reading the conference talks in the Ensign and later listening to the conference CD's!

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The Mrs. said...

We're always looking for ways to enhance Gen Conf. weekend! You guys are terribly creative! I don't think I could put that much preparation into it! Wow. I'm very impressed. You guys are an awesome little family all your own flavor.