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Monday, April 19, 2010

"All or Nothing"

Although my husband would tell you that I am an "all or nothing" personality type I must say that he has either adopted my way or he is in denial! How so you my ask. . .

The Playground
We decided we wanted a playground set for our two daughters for our backyard.
Before Pic

After doing some pricing we realized that starting from scratch to build our own would be more expensive than purchasing a prefab assembly required. My fab husband really enjoys building so it was a no-brainer that we would not hire professionals to build the play set. Now the decision was which play set to purchase. Well, after you get a look at this you'll understand why I refer to him as being "all or nothing!" It is ginormous!
After Pictures

The Process
It took a total of three weeks from start to finish.
Week One: inventory and then weatherize each piece of wood.

Week Two and Three: Assembly
He did almost all of it by himself except for a little bit of help from me at the end and some help from Elizabeth along the way.


We are looking forward to sharing this play set with lots of friends!!

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