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Friday, September 13, 2013

My Little Experiment

For almost as long as I can remember I have been self-conscious about various aspects of my appearance. Over the years there have been stretches of time that I was much less self-conscious, accepting of, even confident in my appearance; the pendulum swings through time and circumstance.

Despite periods of self-satisfaction, I have always worn make-up.  I have worn make-up since I was somewhere in my teen years, when my mother reluctantly consented, stating that I was "beautiful without make-up".  Along with make-up, I used long hair and bangs to hide my self-aggrandized imperfections.  

My mother was my model for this particular life decision, that is, to wear make-up.  She wore light make-up and always wore lipstick. She would go to the mailbox only after applying lipstick.   I can only conjure up a couple of times that I have left my home without make-up on, and I think both times I had it with me in the car to apply before arriving at my destination.

All that said, I decided to try a little experiment (no, I did not go out in public without make-up).  I applied my regular make-up regime to only one side of my face and left the other side o'natural.  I then approached my husband with camera in hand and asked him to snap a photo of my face.  Before handing over the camera I asked him if he noticed anything different about me.  At this point he was standing directly in front of me, inches from my face.  He started to discuss my hair.  I redirected him to my face.  He was puzzled and perplexed unable to identify the change.

I informed him of my little experiment, he nodded and said something like "you don't wear a lot of make-up"
and then he took this photo:

(Does this pic count as going out in public without make-up on?)
I studied the pic for a few minutes and contemplated his response.  I looked in the mirror as I proceeded to complete the application process on the other side.   I thought about the countless hours I have engaged in covering-up (albeit a light application).  I considered the cumulative cost of products over the years. I still think I look better in make-up, but I also think I have put much too much emotional, physical, and mental energy into the "needing" to wear make-up.

I wonder if my two daughters will absorb the same "need".  They watch me apply make-up every day. They have asked obvious questions regarding my daily and consistent application process:  "What are you doing to your face mommy?"  My response, "I'm fixing my face."  The reply, "Is it broken?"  I have yet to find a comfortable response to any of their questions.

Ultimately, I would like to think that my mother was right.  Perhaps I can use this little experiment to focus my energy on much more important things in life, with or without make-up.

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The Kay Family said...

I love your experiment Heather! I could only really notice a difference on your lips, and a bit on your eyes, but nothing very overwhelming. You have GREAT skin! Leah has started bringing makeup (little girl kind) with her in the car and applying some lip gloss and eyeshadow since she see's me doing it when we get ready to go somewhere/arrive somewhere. I've thought about how to broach that subject.....still undecided.