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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Personal Trainer

 I have been a certified group fitness instructor since September 2012 . I absolutely love teaching classes and helping people get and stay fit. It truly is the most fun I have ever had at "work".  I currently teach at a local Y (YMCA). I offer a weekly Cardio Kickboxing class, a Glute and Core class, a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) class, as well as two Ab Blast classes, Silver Sneakers Classic and Silver Sneakers Yoga classes. I also sub teach many classes at the Y.  I have never not wanted to go to work. I truly like the people I work with, the members at the Y, and I most certainly enjoy the classes I teach.

I value continuing education and it is an important part of being a fitness professional. Since my group certification I have also completed a self study course "Physical Activity Instruction of Older Adults" and received specialized training to teach Silver Sneakers (older adults) fitness classes and Silver Sneakers Yoga classes.  A year ago I decided to embark on a new challenge to obtain a Personal Trainer Certification. 

Initially, the majority of my study time was done while sitting in my car at my children's school. I arrived at the school an hour before the first bell for afternoon release and I sat in the car each day reading and studying the training materials. I read through the text book twice and completed the practice exam several times. I even took a portion of a free online Anatomy Course.  As the months passed I added more study aides, shadowed a couple of the trainers at the gym, and practiced on my husband and children in preparation for the exam.  

I received much encouragement and support from my family, friends, coworkers, members, and even some casual acquaintances! Test day came and my daughter left chocolate treats and made good luck signs (*two signs and two treats for two different test dates):
My super-supportive husband helped set me up for the online proctored exam. *We ran into some technical difficulties on the original scheduled test day and had to reschedule the exam for the following week.  

On March 7th I completed the two hour exam and passed the test:
I am now a Certified Personal Trainer.  

A few days ago my daughter told me that she thinks it is really cool that her mom is a fitness instructor and personal trainer. I think it is pretty cool too Elizabeth.

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Katie R said...

That's really awesome. I was telling a friend the other day about your kickboxing classes and how I never thought I'd like that sort of exercise but it was really fun. A highlight for my Florida adventure. Way to go, you!