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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Candy Maker?
Not me!

I received this candy making kit as a gift and thought I would give it a try.

The box showed some cute holiday candies and lollipops and the directions seemed so easy! Just melt the chocolate candies in the decorating bags (included in the kit) and then use the handy paint brush to decorate the molds (also included in the kit).

So when it was time for Elizabeth's nap I thought I would whip up the candies, pop them in the refrigerator and then take a little nap before she woke up.

Nice thought eh?!

Not even close to reality. This was the most difficult project I think I have ever tried! The plastic molds were a very clear, cheap plastic, and it was near impossible to see the designs on which I was suppose to paint the different colored melted candy. Which brings me to the paint brush - not helpful! Furthermore, the candies did not all melt the same. For some reason, the white "chocolate" was way too thick and would not melt down to a workable consistency. In addition, the candy hardened fast and I could not keep up. Furthermore, I just barely had enough candy to fill the molds.

After over an hour of happy candy making I had a product to put in the refrigerator. However, although I had some idea that they were not going to look like the picture on the box, I had no idea how bad the final product would be. The final product: Not too bad from a distance and in the cute colored bags (included in the kit).

Yes this is suppose to be a Reindeer.

Saving the best for last:


Would I do this again if given a chance?
Of course I would!
Happy Holidays!!


Lacy said...

I think they are kind of cute, although Santa's face reminds me of a cat...

Anonymous said...

All candy, especially chocalate, looks good to me and don't forget I eat mutants.

The Mrs. said...

(although presentation in food is not on my list of strengths) I am thoroughly impressed! I think they are CUTE.-E