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Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Attribute Of The Day Is . . .

In church today I was inspired by a beautiful lesson taught about the attributes of Jesus Christ.  We were invited to choose one of His attributes to try to work on developing.  I was highly motivated and was looking forward to sharing the experience with my family as they were all in different classes at the time.

When I got home from church  I shared the highlights of the church lesson and I invited my family to join me in becoming more like Christ.  Not everyone was quite as enthusiastic as I was but I remained positive and patient because "patient" was the Christ-like attribute I had chosen in class to develop.

During lunch our family discussed how an increase in patience could benefit each of us and our family as a whole.  My family agreed that we could work on developing patience together!  Immediately following lunch we had family scripture study and we focused all the scriptures on patience, discussing and applying the verses to our own life experiences and circumstances.  I was so excited! Again, not everyone shared my level of enthusiasm.

Over the next couple of hours I remained patient through several little disagreements, grumpy attitudes, complaints, tattling and even the dreaded whining.  I held fast, although a bit weakened in my resolve.  The poor attitudes and arguing continued despite many kind and patient attempts to redirect.  The last straw was when I was working on the computer and it crashed.  And then. . .

I gave up! I got angry and lost my patience!

Okay, so I lost one round, but all is not lost for sure!  I am ready to resume with enthusiasm (perhaps slightly less than I had right after church today) to develop, with the Lord's help, the attribute of patience.  Perhaps my example and patient influence will have such a positive impact on my family that an attitude of patience will abound in our home!

P.S. Due to yet another (albeit different) computer problem, I had to retype this entire blog post, patiently, of course.

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