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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oral Surgery

I had a consultation with an oral surgeon yesterday. I am now scheduled to have all four wisdom teeth extracted on Monday - two of which are only partially above the gum-line and are also partially covered by bone. I was given three options and/or a combination of the options: option 1 -Local Anesthesia, option 2 -Nitrous Oxide and option 3 -I.V. Sedation. The pamphlet said that 80% of patients choose option 3 - sedation. I too was planning to go that route from the beginning but, for a few seconds, I was considering whether or not I could, or rather, would be willing to go the less chemically intrusive and much cheaper routes (options 1 & 2). Also, the idea of trying "laughing gas" kinda interested me - "why not laugh my way through it?!". Ultimately, I chose option #3 I.V. Sedation. I Just "Can't" Do It! I know that I could do it if that was what I needed to do or had to do but really, my anxiety level is rising right now just slightly contemplating the idea again.

So, I came home to share the news with my husband. I explained the situation, the options, the results, and the bottom line ($) and I have to admit I was feeling a bit guilty about the cost of the "unnecessary" I.V. sedation. When I read in the Dr.'s office that (only) 80% of patients go with sedation, I instantly knew that my husband would, without a doubt, interpret that as a challenge and most definitely go without! I shared this with him as well and he agreed that he would not be sedated (he also said something about not being a "wimp") but that he understood why I wanted to and supported my decision. I agree with him that I am caving in to my inner wimp, but I will just have to accept that and go with the "flow" (I.V. humor).


Emily said...

In my opinion, you are not a "wimp" and I would NEVER classify you as such! Good Luck and... to be honest... I totally would be sedated. I would want to be "out" for days after oral surgery! Thinking of you!
Loves, Emily

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good choice; when I had mine done years ago, I can't remember what option I did, but I do know I grabbed the dental surgeon's hand as it was coming toward my mouth. He didn't like that at all, and next thing I knew I was strapped to the chair. Will you need some help next week with dinners, child care?

Maria said...

I so remember getting those wisdom teeth pulled! I had laughing gas and ya know I still laugh when ever I think of it! I wish you the best. Hope to see you and your family over the holidays.
Love to you all,